Ampoule 75 W
Outdoor Lighting 100 W
Saving Bulb 20 W
51 Screen Television 300 W
Refrigerator 500 W
Bakehouse 700 W
Dishwasher 500 W
Washing machine 1150 W
Laundry Dryer 5750 W
Computer 800 W
LCD Television 500 W
DVD Player 100 W
Air Conditioning 3250 W
Radio 50 W
Sound System 500 W
Hair Dryer 1200 W
Electric Iron 1200 W
Vacuum Cleaner 1200 W
Blower 200 W
Combi 170 W
Elevator 25000 W
Garage Door 550 W
Security System 1000 W
Drill 1000 W
Well Pump 1000 W
Electric Cooker 2100 W
Coffee Machine 1000 W
Deep Freeze 400 W
Foot Warmer 1500 W

The power you need in KW

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The values given here are representative, Genpark Generator will assist you during the purchase.